Friday, July 10, 2009

We Custom Make TUTUS

Here is our Custom Tutu Info. If you have any questions please let me know.
You can contact me by leaving a comment or if you would like you may email me at
We try to give you as much info as we can, sometimes it can be a little hard to follow, so if you have any questions, please let us know and we will be glad to help you.
Thank you
Customize It Girlz

Newborn 14inches (Stretches to 17) $20
3-6 Months 16inches (Stretches to 19) $21
6-12 months 17inches (Stretches to 20) $22
12-24 months 18inches (Stretches to 21) $23
XXS 19 inches (Stretches to 22) $25
XS 20 inches (Stretches to 23) $26.50
SM 21 inches (Stretches to 24) $28
M 22 inches (Stretches to 25) $30
Lg 23 inches (Stretches to 26) $32
XLg 24 inches (Stretches to 28) $38
XXLg 25 inches (Stretches to 29) $44

7-8 inches
10 inches
11-12 inches add $3.00
13 inches add $5.00
14-15 inches add $15.00
16 inches add $25
17-20 inches add $35
21-24 inches add $45
25-28 inches add $55

Rhinestones $6.00
Sequins $6.00
Tied ribbon $6.00
Flower on waist $6.00
Add two items $10
Add three items $15
Add four items $20

May use up to any amount of colors

ASAP Orders
Standard turnaround time is 8-10 business days
ASAP four days $10
ASAP three days $15
ASAP two days $20
ASAP within one business day Order will ship next business day if placed by 3pm $25

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Seminole Wind Tutu

Seminole Wind Tutu
This will make a great tutu for the fall. As you can tell in the picture, the colors will make for great picture taking!! AND for my peeps back home with little girls, this will be great for tailgating!! I am also making a shirt to go with this one. Will post it as soon as I am done~!

Seminole Wind Tutu Pricing
XS 14-15W 8L $20
S 16-21W 8-10L $22
M 20-23W 11-13L $25
Lg 24-6W 14-15L $30

Starburst Tutu

Here is another tutu creation. This is the Starburst. It has yellow, orange, pink and garnet. It is supper cute! Then it has yellow and pink sheer ribbon tied throughout. This tutu also has a matching shirt. The color is a soft orange with a Starburst flower attached. This shirt comes from Justice. The flower on the tutu is actually a hair bow. It can either be worn on the tutu or as a bow.

Starburst Tutu Pricing
XS 14-15W 8L $20
S 16-21W 8-10L $22
M 20-23W 11-13L $25
Lg 24-6W 14-15L $30

Shirt is from Justice and sizes are listed below
Justice(I think these run small)
xxs 7
xs 8
s 10

Awsome Blossom (This is what we call our flower bows)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Victorian Rose Tutu

This is the Victorian Rose Tutu It is made green and brown,and a touch of wine on the bottom. The middle layers are made up of mauve pink. The top has all colors throughout. This also comes with a satin ribbon that can be worn on the front, middle or back. This tutu also has a matching flower that can be worn on the tutu or as a hair bow.

Victorian Rose Pricing
XS 14-15W 8L $25
S 16-21W 8-10L $28
M 20-23W 11-13L $30
Lg 24-6W 14-15L $35

Victorian Rose Flower Bow

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wipe Cases

These adorable wipe cases, will sure have heads turning. We have found some fun and different fabrics, embellished them with all sorts of fun things. Prices will vary depending on what embellishments are added.
Enjoy shopping!!!

You can contact us by leaving a comment or by email

Double click on the picture to see it close up!

This wipe case has lots of browns, aquas and greens. It has a brown and aqua trim. It is accented with brown ribbon, then aqua, then green. Then it has an aqua bow with rhinestones, and then 3 big rhinestone, aqua, green, then aqua. This is very adorable!

This wipe case has lots of fun colors. It has reds, oranges, aquas, pinks, blacks and yellows. Variations my vary slightly due to fabric pattern. This is trimmed in black, then has a black ribbon that if you look closely has black dots, then a green flower is added with a rhinestone in the middle.

This wipe case is made with very durable upholstery fabric. It has black trim, and is accented with a black flower and rhinestone in the middle.

This wipe case has a pink print with brown background. It has pink trim around the edges, a brown satin ribbon, with a pink satin ribbon on top. It is accented with rhinestones, and for that extra added touch, it will be custom made with you daughters initial. This is sure to be the talk of the diaper changing area!!!