Thursday, July 9, 2009

Starburst Tutu

Here is another tutu creation. This is the Starburst. It has yellow, orange, pink and garnet. It is supper cute! Then it has yellow and pink sheer ribbon tied throughout. This tutu also has a matching shirt. The color is a soft orange with a Starburst flower attached. This shirt comes from Justice. The flower on the tutu is actually a hair bow. It can either be worn on the tutu or as a bow.

Starburst Tutu Pricing
XS 14-15W 8L $20
S 16-21W 8-10L $22
M 20-23W 11-13L $25
Lg 24-6W 14-15L $30

Shirt is from Justice and sizes are listed below
Justice(I think these run small)
xxs 7
xs 8
s 10

Awsome Blossom (This is what we call our flower bows)

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