Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Victorian Rose Tutu

This is the Victorian Rose Tutu It is made green and brown,and a touch of wine on the bottom. The middle layers are made up of mauve pink. The top has all colors throughout. This also comes with a satin ribbon that can be worn on the front, middle or back. This tutu also has a matching flower that can be worn on the tutu or as a hair bow.

Victorian Rose Pricing
XS 14-15W 8L $25
S 16-21W 8-10L $28
M 20-23W 11-13L $30
Lg 24-6W 14-15L $35

Victorian Rose Flower Bow

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  1. Cute stuff. I added you to my blog...I don't get a ton of comments, but people do read it (I have a stat counter on it)
    I will be praying for your new business!!!